Preston Human Capital Group is a results-oriented, client-centric boutique search firm. Our competence stems from deep passion for understanding your unique business needs, our extensive business experience and our highly effective search process. No shortcuts, no ‘sales’ pitch – we are true professionals who care about what we do. We deliver talent, fit and results.


You want to make a move. But, it’s no ordinary job you’re after. You’re looking for a leap forward. Sure, it has to pay well, offer the right benefits, opportunities and challenges. But you want something more. You want to join an organization that shares your values. You want to join a team that will listen to you – and trust you. You want to thrive. You want a true fit.


You need to make a key hire – it’s mission critical. But this is no ordinary person for whom you search. You’re looking for top talent. Someone who wants to grow their career with you. Sure, they need to have the requisite education, experience and skills. But you want something more. This person needs to bring vision, knowledge, passion, commitment, intangibles. And, importantly, there needs to be a true ‘fit’.