Stephen Thomas

Director, Digital Strategy

Position Overview

Organization: Stephen Thomas (ST)

Title: Director, Digital Strategy

Reports to: Vice President, Strategic Services

Location: 184 Front Street East

Is this you?

You are a digital expert and you live and breathe digital best practices. Your colleagues would refer to you as the ‘strategist’ at your organization because you’re always looking at the big picture. You don’t only understand digital, you also weave digital throughout traditional methods of marketing, creating a fully integrated approach to a brand interaction for the end user.

You have business development experience and feel comfortable pitching, whether it is in a small meeting or a large room of executives. Bonus points if you have exposure either working in the not-for-profit sector or for an agency that holds not-for-profit relationships.

You are tech-savvy and love working with technologies such as WordPress and Squarespace; and you have an opinion on which is best. You understand Google Analytics and can set up campaigns. You have extensive experience setting up and executing marketing campaigns for your organization within various social platforms including (but not limited to): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You were an early adopter and have been using all forms of social both personally and professionally for 5 years (or more!).

You are a visionary—someone who can manage analytics and results reporting. You are always on top of digital trends and although you know a lot, you are always willing to learn more. You love teaching digital and social to those less informed and do so in a way that’s easy to understand and approachable. You don’t ‘judge’ someone who doesn’t have Instagram…you think its an opportunity to open someone’s eyes to the potential of the online world and its power.

You are dynamic and trustworthy; you have an entrepreneurial spirit and aren’t afraid to put up your hand when something doesn’t jive. You take risks and deal well with ambiguity. You are comfortable with public speaking and being quoted in the press—in fact, you might have media training.

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