senior manager, digital strategy & marketing

Position Overview

Organization: Sinai Health Foundation

Title: Senior Manager, Digital Strategy and Marketing

Reports to: Vice President, Brand Strategy and Marketing

Location: 522 University Ave, Toronto, ON

Direct Reports: Two (one in place, other to be hired)

Is this you?

Would you consider yourself a digital marketing expert? Do you live and breathe social media, digital integration and digital best practices? Your colleagues would refer to you as the ‘strategist’ at your organization because you’re always shaping the future. However, you aren’t only a strategist…you consider yourself a ‘dreamer and a do-er’. You aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and dive right into the execution.  You have high attention to detail, so your execution is smooth and on schedule.

You pay close attention to the values and mission of the organization you work for. You like to have FUN at work, and you value a work environment that believes the same. You believe in and practice servant leadership; you’ll support your team and cross functional teams in any way you can, no task is too small or too big. You believe in a shared ownership of reaching objectives. Adjectives that describe your character would be; proactive, confident but not cocky, a team player and best in class when it comes to digital.

You are tech-savvy and love working with fundraising and web tools such as Luminate Online, Team Raiser and HTML. You have an opinion on what software’s are best and are constantly looking at what’s new and what’s possible. You aren’t necessarily a coder, (though brownie points if you are!) …though you’ve worked with web developers and designers directly and know what goes into building excellent web and donation experiences for users. You’ve used Google Analytics extensively, and leverage data to constantly improve your results. Social media is your jam and you have extensive experience executing marketing campaigns for your organization within various social platforms including (but not limited to): Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You love testing audiences and you know how to place a pixel.

You are a visionary—someone who can manage analytics, results reporting, and can stay on top of digital trends. Although you know a lot, you are always willing to learn and have a hunger for knowledge. You are dynamic and trustworthy; you have an entrepreneurial spirit and aren’t afraid to put up you hand when something doesn’t jive. You take risks and deal well with ambiguity.

You’ve led teams and past direct reports would say you’re the best manager they’ve ever had because you listen, teach, engage and inspire them and those around you to be their best selves at work.

Does this sound like you? Would working for one of the most respected Hospital Foundations in the country, helping them reach new heights in their digital presence excite you? Then read on.  

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