fighting blindness canada

director of research & mission programs

Position Overview

Organization: Fighting Blindness Canada

Title: Director of Research & Mission Programs

Reports to: National President & CEO, Doug Earle 

Team: 6 positions: Senior Manager, Research & Education; Manager, Communications; Officer, Research and Education; Officer, Health Information; Coordinator, Digital Communications; Assistant, Education Events

Location: 890 Yonge Street, 12th floor

Is this you?

Are you passionate about being part of an organization committed to eliminating blinding eye diseases? Would you consider yourself an expert communicator, a passionate advocate, a team player and highly motivated professional? Can you multitask while keeping your eye on the goal? Are you a proven people leader with a passion for developing and growing your team’s potential?

Do you possess a higher than average EQ and are used to working cross functionally by lending your knowledge and experience to others? Can you take the complex science and distill concepts down to digestible content for every person? Would your peers consider you an expert and credible source on blinding eye diseases and have you spoken at industry events on the topic? If you have media training, that’s a bonus!

Your former managers would affectionately refer to you as their “utility player”. Meaning, they could assign you a lot, or assign a task outside of your job description and you’d get it done, with near flawless execution and delivered on time.

Are you intellectually curious? Do you often ask yourself, “so what?”; and are you constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to generate revenue or partnership opportunities?

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