ecuhome corporation

DIRECTOR OF finance and administration

Position Overview

Organization: Ecuhome Corporation

Title: Director of Finance and Administration

Reports to: Executive Director

Team: 3  

Location: 73 Simcoe Street, Toronto

Is this you?

A leader, mentor, consensus-builder, strategic thinker with a bias to action and implementation; this would be how peers and colleagues describe you. You have a sense of humour, are happy and upbeat and, most of all, love to be around like-minded, capable individuals. You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and are passionate about contributing to the success of the organization you work for.  

You’ve ideally led teams; you know how to coach and mentor. You have a knack for financials and numbers and enjoy the minutia of financial statements and associated reporting. Ideally, you’ve worked at a Not for Profit, so you understand the unique nuances of the sector as it relates to financial reporting. You’ve been accountable for IT, in fact, you jokingly refer to yourself as a bit of an IT nerd…you love learning new CRMs and don’t mind teaching others how to use them effectively.

You enjoy the TV show Jeopardy and would be totally fine spending your lunch hour with colleagues in the big boardroom at work watching a recent episode. Also, you’d know how to hook up your phone to stream the show!

You’ve managed the HR function for your organization before (or have been close to the management of HR) and would be comfortable overseeing payroll and benefits.

You are known as a consummate professional, able to tactfully manage complex situations and to motivate and inspire colleagues. You are resilient and comfortable with ambiguity.

If you have a passion for helping to provide quality affordable housing and support for people who have experienced homelessness, please read on…